About the FCA

The Fairlington’s Citizens Association (FCA) was established in 1977. It represents 3,449 households across North and South Fairlington and works in cooperation with neighboring community associations to preserve and protect the quality of life in Fairlington. Read positive press about Fairlington’s appeal in the Washington Post. (PDF of article here.) Fairlington was recently featured in the April 4, 2014, “Where We Live” in the Real Estate section of The Washington Post.

An all-volunteer organization, FCA is the voice of the residents of Fairlington before Arlington County and the City of Alexandria on issues that affect our community and serves as an umbrella group for Fairlington’s seven different neighborhoods and condominium homeowners associations: Fairlington Villages and Fairlington Court in north Fairlington (north of the I-395 bridge) and the six neighborhoods in south Fairlington—the Arbor, Commons, Glen, Green, Meadows, and Mews.To facilitate communications and strenghen the relationship between the associations, the FCA hosts the President’s Council, where condo association Presidents meet to talk about issues of importance to Fairlington.

So what does the FCA do? The FCA represents the concerns of Fairlington to local governments about the larger community’s health, welfare, and safety. FCA is consulted by Arlington County and the City of Alexandria on issues affecting the entire community, and it represents Fairlington to the Arlington County Civic Federation and the Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations, where representatives from all local neighborhood citizens associations gather monthly to discuss local issues.

Issues that FCA has addressed for residents in years past include HOT Lanes, BRAC, and Abingdon Elementary School. Currently the FCA is setting its priorities for 2013 and working on issues including real estate development, street parking, and starting a Fairlington farmer’s market.

Is there an issue that you would like us to address? Join us for an upcoming meeting or e-mail the FCA president at president@fca-fairlington.org.

Who You Gonna Call? The FCA or HOA?

For help clarifying the difference between the FCA and the condo associations, start with the list below.

FCA Condo Association Property Management
Traffic Planning Condo Fees
Highway Development Variances
Neighborhood Crime Trash Pick Up
Storm Drains/Water Supply Landscaping
Public Safety Snow Removal
Neighborhood Improvements Parking Problems
Sidewalks/Water Plumbing Problems
Taxpayer-Funded Projects/Services Exterior Maintenance and Upkeep
Street Lights Pools and Tennis Courts
Bus Transportation Neighborhood Noise Disturbances
Arlington, Alexandria, and Virginia Government Issues Rules and Policies