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Santa Rides Through Fairlington December 10

Santa and his elves are scheduled to ride their firetruck through Fairlington on Saturday, December 10, at 2 p.m. For more than 20 years, the FCA has coordinated a Santa firetruck parade through the neighborhood, including a modified version at the height of the pandemic. The parade route will work its way through the main streets of North Fairlington before crossing the bridge and winding through South Fairlington. Young firetruck aficionados will have the chance to sit on the back of the truck and ask questions to the firefighters, or Santa. Fire Station 9 brings their best festive sirens and lots of candy. As always, if duty calls and Santa’s firefighter friends have to use their truck to help others in an emergency, their journey may be cut short.

Santa’s route through Fairlington
1. Arrive Abingdon Elementary School parking lot around 2 p.m.
2. Depart around 2:15 PM, driving down S. 29st St.
3. Cross S. Abingdon St. and S . Buchanan St.
4. Left onto S. Columbus St., continuing around the S. 30th St. traffic circle
5. Left onto S. 31st St., crossing S. Buchanan St.
6. R ight onto S. Abingdon St., crossing bridge onto S. 34th St.
7. R ight on S. Wakefield St.
8. Left onto S. 36th St., crossing over S. Utah St. and S. Taylor St.
9. Left onto S. Sta fford St. at the traffic circle
10. At the traffic circle closer to community center, left onto S. 34th St.
11. Right onto S. Utah St., continuing past S. 32nd Rd.
12. Right onto S. 32nd St. (passing Utah field and park)
13. Right onto S. Stafford St., continuing to the Fairlington Community Center parking lot for a 15-minute stop (3308 S. Stafford St.)
14. Return to Fire Station 9

FCA Annual Meeting and Elections December 14

Elections for the 2023 Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) Board of Directors will be held at the organization’s annual meeting in person on Wednesday, December 14, at 7 p.m. in Room 100 of the FCC, 3308 S. Stafford St. Board members are elected at the annual meeting and hold office for a term of one year. All nine positions are up for election each year. Board members receive no financial compensation for their service, but they have the satisfaction that stems from helping strengthen the Fairlington community. Interested in running for a position on the board? Contact FCA Vice President Jennifer Davies, vp at fca-fairlington.org.

Fairlington Commemorative Ornaments

The FCA and Fairlington Historical Society (FHS) are taking online orders for this special brass-plated ornament to commemorate Fairlington’s 75th anniversary in 2018.

Place your order below using PayPal or a credit card. Pick up your order at the Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St. during business hours.


FCA to sponsor MLK Jr. Day of Service

FCA will partner with the Abingdon Elementary School PTA to clean up the Abingdon Community Garden at the school on Monday, January 16, as a community service
activity to mark the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Additional details will be provided in the January issue of the Bulletin. This will be the first time FCA has sponsored
a community-wide volunteer activity to honor the civil rights leader.

Upcoming Events

COVID Vaccine Updates

Everyone 6 months and older is eligible and encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Make sure you stay up to date with primary series doses and boosters.

Anyone who is eligible can now directly schedule an appointment to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine at Arlington County public health clinics.

Individuals can also directly book appointments at Vaccines.gov, where you can search for clinics, pharmacies and other nearby locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines.

View the Commonwealth’s vaccination plan.

View current status of vaccinations.

All information can be found on the county’s COVID website.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Through an outreach program from the Arlington County Department of Human Services (DHS), FCA has acquired resuable cloth masks, intended for vulnerable populations. Please contact your condo association board or FCA Board Secretary, Chris Weathers at 703-402-4648 for more information or whether you would like to receive one.

Do you or a neighbor need help getting groceries or other items? There are Fairlingtonians that are ready to help.  Please email your request to: vp at fca-fairlington.org or call FCA’s general number: 571-403-1943. Someone will be checking regularly and will follow-up.

Have COVID related questions concerns beyond neighbor to neighbor help? Call Arlington County’s COVID hotline: 703-228-7999. (Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat. & Sun., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.).

What Is the Fairlington Citizens Association?

The Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) is about you. All residents are members and an executive board is elected annually. The FCA’s mission is to promote activities that make Fairlington a better community in which to live by serving as a forum for discussion of residents’ concerns and by representing Fairlington’s views to local government.

Read more under About the FCA and find out how you can get involved. Fairlington is a National Register and Virginia Landmark Historic District.