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FCA Virtual Work Session June 12 

The FCA Board will hold a virtual work session during its next meeting, Wednesday, June 12. There will be no special presentation.

Metrobus “Discovery Day” Public Hearing June 12

There will be a “Discovery Day” event and official public hearing about proposed new metro routes (see below) on Wednesday, June 12, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Arlington Mill Community Center, 909 S. Dinwiddie St. The FCA Board is also interested in hearing from residents as it considers whether to submit a formal comment letter on behalf of the neighborhood.

Metrobus Changes: Provide Feedback Thru July 15

Read the summary below and find out more about the proposed changes at https://betterbus.wmata.com/. Metro is accepting comments about the changes online until 5 p.m. on July 15.

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have agreed to provide additional funding to Metro, staving off the major service cuts Metro previewed last December. However, there are many proposed changes, including route numbers.

Routes that primarily serve Arlington and Alexandria would start with “A”. Routes primarily serving Fairfax would start with “F” and routes primarily in the District would start with “D” or “C”.

For North Fairlington, Metro would replace current route 7A with Route A27. It would still run from Van Dorn Station to Pentagon via Shirlington like the 7A. The new A27 would run every 30 minutes most times, with no extra service at rush hours. The current 7A has five buses per hour. The new A27 would only have two buses per hour, a 60% reduction in service. It appears that the route would use the regular I-395 lanes to Pentagon City all the time. The current 7A uses the Express Lanes at rush hours, saving a lot of time for regular commuters.

For South Fairlington, Metro would replace routes 22A and 22F with new route F66. This route would start in Culmore, go through Skyline City and Shirlington, then up the hill, through South Fairlington to Pentagon via Quaker. Outside of rush hours it would deviate through Pentagon City. Buses would come every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays, and every 60minutes on Sundays. This would be about the same rush hour service as today’s 22A and 22F provide but slightly better off-peak and Saturday service.

Metro has proposed a new route in South Fairlington, the route A71. This route would run from Ballston to Shirlington to King Street-Old Town Station via George Mason, Four Mile Run, South Fairlington, and King Street. This route would run every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and every 60 minutes on Sunday. This would provide a new connection directly through South Fairlington to King Street-Old Town Station. Currently, DASH provides Line 31 on King Street to King Street-Old Town Station, though it may be a long walk to the stops for some residents.

July 4 Parade & Bake Sale

After the annual 4th of July parade, join us for the Fairlington Bake Sale, with all proceeds to be donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center. The bake sale will be held at the end of the parade at the Fairlington Villages Community Center parking lot, 3005 S. Abingdon St.

To donate your favorite baked goods (please, no frostings or fillings to melt in the heat), deliver them to the tables set up at the FVCC between 9 and 9:30 a.m.

We need people to help set up and sell at the bake sale, and we need to borrow two market-style tents to keep our baked goods in the shade (we would pick up and return promptly). If you can help, please contact Robin Weinick at rweinick at gmail.com.

Fairlington Farmers Market June Activities

The Fairlington Farmers Market is open for the season. Now in its ninth year, our popular neighborhood market will be held every Sunday from May 5 through November 24. Visit the market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the back patio of the Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St.

June 16: Face painting by Cristina

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What Is the Fairlington Citizens Association?

The Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) is about you. All residents are members and an executive board is elected annually. The FCA’s mission is to promote activities that make Fairlington a better community in which to live by serving as a forum for discussion of residents’ concerns and by representing Fairlington’s views to local government.

Read more under About the FCA and find out how you can get involved. Fairlington is a National Register and Virginia Landmark Historic District.