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FCA Meeting, Wednesday, September 11: I-395 HOT Lanes

After almost two years of construction, the new I-395 Express Lanes are on track to open later this year. Officials from Transurban, the private contractor that will operate the lanes, will update the community on their status at the FCA meeting on Wednesday, September 11, at 7 pm, at the Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St.  Visit www.expresslanes.com/projects/395 for project details.

Artists wanted

In response to the high level of interest identified through the Community Engagement Survey, FCA has begun exploring new ways to engage the local arts community. Keep an eye out for the Arlington Art Truck at the Fairlington Farmers Market on October 27, and stay tuned for more information regarding an FCA-sponsored arts event. If you are a Fairlington artist interested in the possibility of sharing your work, please email FCA Vice President Lindsay Willmann at lindsay.willmann at gmail.com. Please include your name, neighborhood (i.e. Mews, Villages, etc.), and the medium/type of art in your reply.

All Fairlington Bulletin

Read the September 2019 All Fairlington Bulletin.

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What is the Fairlington Citizens Association?

The Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) is about you. All residents are members and an executive board is elected annually. The FCA’s mission is to promote activities that make Fairlington a better community in which to live by serving as a forum for discussion of residents’ concerns and by representing Fairlington’s views to local government.

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