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Happy Holidays from FCA!

We wish all Fairlington residents a wonderful, safe holiday and a very happy New Year! The January 14 FCA meeting will be a planning session with no speaker.

Arlington Car-Free Diet: Tell Your Story

Arlington County’s Car-Free Diet, in collaboration with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, wants to hear your car-free or car-lite story! The Coalition recently launched a new feature series on their website, “Walkable Living Stories.” The series profiles first-hand accounts that demonstrate our changing transportation needs and help illustrate the many different ways that we go about our everyday lives. 

Please go to www.carfreediet.com/stories and tell us how you complete a regular task or errand –like grocery shopping, visiting the doctor, dropping your child off at daycare, or commuting to a job – without using a personal car. We hope that you will contribute a story and join with others to put a human face on how mobility and transportation choices are evolving in our community.

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What is the Fairlington Citizens Association?

The Fairlington Citizens Association (FCA) is about you. All residents are members and an executive board is elected annually. The FCA’s mission is to promote activities that make Fairlington a better community in which to live by serving as a forum for discussion of residents’ concerns and by representing Fairlington’s views to local government.

Read more under About the FCA and find out how you can get involved. Fairlington is a National Register and Virginia Landmark Historic District.