Fairlington Cares

FCA has voted to create a new nonprofit organization, Fairlington Cares, Inc., to serve people in the general Fairlington area. Here are some FAQs about the new entity.

A short online survey launched in early May 2020 showed broad support for the idea.

At its organizational meeting in July 2020, the following officers  were elected: Guy Land, president; Jennifer Davies, secretary-treasurer; and Michael McGinn, vice president.

This new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is intended to be a vehicle for Fairlington residents to contribute to help meet the needs of residents in the general Fairlington area (including Abingdon Elementary families and Park Shirlington residents). Although the COVID impacts are the immediate impetus for this, the organization would have the ability to respond in a specific and targeted ways to address neighbor and neighborhood needs in future years, such as storms or natural disasters, fires, government shutdowns, and major emergencies.

The Fairlington non-profit would not seek to supplant other charitable organizations serving the area.  Rather, it would partner with other organizations, including county offices, that are seeking to address these needs and thus hope to attract further resources to our area.  The non-profit would be volunteer led and exist primarily on contributions from neighbors in Fairlington.